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United Kingdom – London

United Kingdom – London

Global Transport Solutions (GTS) stands as a beacon of luxury travel, for UAE residents venturing into the heart of the United Kingdom.
At the epicenter of our UK services is our premium coach hire London offerings, designed to give you an immersive experience of the British capital.


A pivotal arm of the GTS group. UAECoachHire has honed its services to cater to the unique tastes of Emiratis.

In London, we guarantee stylish travel for our guests, seamlessly exploring the city’s historical corners with unmatched luxury.

Cross Border Tours

While excels in international tour; our London ventures are crafted with precision.
From iconic landmarks like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to hidden gems in the city’s vast landscape; our tours capture the essence of London.

Simple Coach Hire

Known for simplicity and reliability, is a perfect addition to the GTS portfolio. Our streamlined coach hire services make exploring London both effortless and enjoyable. So, with us, your journey is sure to be a delight.

With GTS leading the way, and the collective strength of UAECoachHire, Cross Border Tours, and Simple Coach Hire; your London journey will be nothing short of memorable.
Place your London coach hire needs in our hands. We’re committed to crafting a London journey that truly reflects the grandeur our guests from the UAE deserve. With us, every trip resonates with elegance and excellence, ensuring a memorable experience

The United Kingdom, a tapestry of history and culture, offers a myriad of attractions for the discerning traveller.
From the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh, with its majestic castle overlooking the city. To the serene beauty of the Lake District, offering picturesque landscapes and tranquil lakes.
London itself boasts iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and the Shard, offering panoramic views of the citys landscape.

Beyond the capital, Stonehenge stands as a mystery, and the Roman Baths in Bath evoke ancient luxury.

From Liverpool’s cultural vibrancy to Cornwall’s scenic coasts, and then on to Stratford-upon-Avon’s Shakespearean charm. The UK offers a diverse tapestry of experiences. Moreover, it seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural allure. Thereby presenting something captivating for every traveller.

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